When to Talk About Your Disability When Applying for a Job

There are understandable things to be nervous about in an interview. Your disability is not one of them. When it comes to when you should discuss this with a potential employer, there are a few factors. 

What to Share

First and foremost, you have to decide on what you feel comfortable sharing with a recruiter. Your disability should not be a factor in your hireability, but rather a factor in how you are accommodated. When interviewing for a position you should choose to share when you are ready to. 

Consider the nature of your disability. Depending on what your disability is, whether it is visible or not will also be a factor in whether or not you choose to disclose. Because of the American’s with Disabilities Act, you are not required to state your disability when applying for a job. 

Also consider looking into the company history of hiring individuals with disabilities. If the company for which you are applying does not have a history of inclusive hiring, then perhaps you would be better suited somewhere that does. You deserve to work in a place that is welcoming to you regardless of your circumstances. So think about what actions the company has taken to provide equal opportunity and use that as your determining factor.

When to Talk About Your Disability

The next big and also the main question is when exactly to bring up your disability. As we said in the above paragraph, while you should share when you are comfortable, you should also share if you require accommodations. If you have a mental disability such as anxiety or depression, you can choose to share this only when it becomes a factor of your performance. If you are someone that has a physical disability, your accommodations will need to be made aware of and accommodated sooner rather than later. When your disability is apparent, it usually makes sense to bring it up in the interview so that everything is out in the open.

How to Talk About Your Disability

Once you have established when you would like to disclose your disability, you’ll need to establish how. When applying for a job there are two early opportunities to state this information. Typically, you will have the chance to disclose as part of the disclosure segment of your application. The next option would be at the close of the interview when asked if you have any further questions or information to share.

When sharing about your disability, you possibly will want to tell the recruiter about any mobility limitations. This does not mean you have to give your specific health diagnosis. How you choose to share again goes back to your comfort level. Provide yourself the opportunity to be honest without changing the factors of your hireability. And when you do share, be sure to not neglect the skills you bring to the table. Stay positive and focus on how you are able to overcome obstacles. Because being who you are as you are, will lead you to a job that is right for you.